The most powerful predictive evaluation toolkit, for a pure defi world.


B-Tool is an advanced AI system analyzing the market and supporting investors to invest effectively.

  • B-Tool analyzes and provides IDO participant demographic. No spammers, no bots, no clones. Fairness is guaranteed.

  • B-Tool provides advanced analysis tools with a wealth of market information right on the screen for investors to spot investment opportunities.


For IDO raiser:

B-Tool will recommend the addresses suitable for the project’s goals. No spammers, no bots, no clones. Fairness is guaranteed.

For Trader/Holder:

Traders and holders will be allowed to use any tool within the system to make well-grounded investment and trading decisions.

How it works

B-Tool is built to trace and crawl the rawest data of all address fields, transaction schools. With the density of taking raw data up to 3000 addresses/s, 2500 transactions/s, B-Tool continuously crawls the transactions and updates market information immediately.

Another feature is involved in learning regression data of all transactions on the blockchain.

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