The smart platform for top-tier projects reach to the world.


Swarming the crypto market are a slew of different projects, yet only a few of them are really of decent quality that would bring real value to investors. The multitude of low-quality projects in disguise presents a tremendously high risk of coming out at a loss for investors with limited decision-making time, restricted access to information and technical knowledge. Yet, in the rapidly growing decentralized finance (Defi) realm, missing out on potential projects is also an undesirable outcome. Imagine having your fellow investors go 10X, 100X while your assets stay stagnant. What could have been done better?


B-Launch was created with the desire to bring to the wider community the highest quality, safest, most transparent, and with the highest potential projects. The BSCLaunch’s team is committed to having direct access to top VCs and advisors to curate the best projects for our customers. Only when a project survives the exhaustive rigor of the internal reviewing and assessment process, will BSCLaunch allow the project to IDO on the B-Launch platform, effectively labeling it a safe asset and making it available for investing. Additionally, users can participate in bidding for the IDO and post their own reviews about the project through B-Launch, adding another layer of security and peace of mind.


For Projects: after the IDO on B-Launch, the project has earned its “stamp of approval” for its potential, making it easier to sell IDO and become widely recognized in the community. The community can also evaluate the project directly, this process is designed frictionless so that it will help the developers further improve the projects.

For Investors: No longer are the days that you have to worry about jumping into low-quality IDOs, since if a project has been approved by B-Launch, its quality has been assured, and you get to enjoy our cost-effective token sale and listing model. Investors can safely leverage the B-Launch platform even without in-depth knowledge of this market and still be able to make a profit.

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