Swapping crypto across blockchains has never been easier!


B-Swap attempts to provide trading pairs from IDO and popular assets in the market. Swap DEX is an indispensable part of crypto. The best trading pairs will be evaluated and made available on the market.


B-Swap is an automatic market-making decentralized exchange, a marketplace based on the concept of pooling.

  • B-Swap allows investors to swap tokens immediately before and after participating IDOs.

  • B-Swap acts as an intermediary to help investors easily move capital between investment channels.

B-Swap features include:

  • Swap top pairs in the market

  • Allow for instant cross-chain swap

  • Recommend new pairs: Join IDO and swap immediately in our App.

  • Leverage anti-scam contract from servers

  • Automatically ban a contract if there is an indication of the same name or the lack of the sign of the verified contract on the 3rd party review platforms.

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